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Tarkarli beaches & Information 

Tarkarli beach.
1) Where is Tarkarli Beach in India ?
Tarkarli Beach is Located in West coast of Maharashtra in a District of Sindhudurg.
2) What is the Best Time to visit Tarkarli Beach ?
Tarkarli is Year Round Visiting Destination. It has everything to offer Right from Beaches,  Food , Adventure, Backwater & Historical Monument .
3) Is Tarkarli Beach Open ?
Tarkarli Beach has lot of Options for leisure & Tourism which make it an ideal Destination that are always Open.

How to Reach Tarkarli
1) How can I go to Tarkarli Beach ?
Nearest Railway Station to Tarkarli are Kankawli , Sindhudurg ( Oros) , Kudal , Sawantwadi .
Private Luxury Buses Halt at Kankawli , Sindhudurg, Kudal.
Tarkarli Nearest Bus stand is Malvan Bus Depot.
Nearest Airport of Tarkarli is Chipi Sindhudurg Airport. & Goa ( Dabolim Airport )

2) How Far is Tarkarli Beach from Goa ?
Tarkarli Beach is Just 107 km from Goa.
By Drive will take u around 3 Hours.
By Train will take u around 2 Hours

3) How far is Tarkarli Beach from Pune ?
Tarkarli Beach is at distance of around 388 km from Pune . Take a Quick route of Pune to Kolhapur then Kolhapur to Malvan Tarkarli via Gaganbawda Ghat which is the Shortest & Nearest Route to Tarkarli Beach from Pune.
It take 8-9 Hours to Reach Tarkarli from Pune by Road .

What is Tarkarli Famous for ?
Tarkarli is famous for its  Marine Tourism popular activities like Snorkeling & Scuba Diving.
1) What is Tarkarli Scuba Diving Best Time ?
Best time to do scuba diving in tarkarli from Morning 8:00 am upto 6:00 pm .

2) Tarkarli Scuba Diving Reviews ?
Check it on Google Ratings of Tarkarli Scuba Diving & Tarkarli Scuba Diving TripAdvisor Page.
You can Check it on https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g1227937-d5973217-Reviews-Tarkarli_Scuba_Diving-Malvan_Sindhudurg_District_Maharashtra.html. Link 

3) What is the Cost of Scuba Diving in Tarkarli ?
Cost of Scuba Diving Tarkarli varies from Rs 1000/-Pp to Rs 3500/- Pp. Depend on Training & Quality of the Diving Operators.

4) What is Depth of Scuba Diving in Tarkarli ?
Depth of Tarkarli Scuba Diving varies from 10-15 ft upto 35 ft. 

5) Tarkarli Scuba Diving Video
Tarkarli Scuba Diving Video Link https://youtube.com/channel/UCpG-esB4z3TJsSqpMajaJxg

6) Tarkarli Scuba Diving Contact Number ?
For Quick Enquiry of Tarkarli Scuba Diving Call @9167571732

Tarkarli Beach Activities-(Things to Do in Tarkarli )-Tarkarli Beach Watersports

1) What are Watersports Price in Tarkarli ?
Tarkarli Watersports Price depend on the Package. However it cost you around Rs1000/- Pp for all Watersports Games 

2) How many games are there in Tarkarli Watersports ?
There are Total Five Watersports Ride.
Jetski Ride, Banana Ride , Sofa Bumper, Sleeping Bumper , Kayaking , Speed Boat ride.

3) Is Paragliding available in Tarkarli Beach ?
No . paragliding is not available in Tarkarli .But Similarly Parasailing by Speed Boat is in major Demand.

4) What is the Cost of Parasailing in Tarkarli ?
Cost for Parasailing in deep Sea cost you
around Rs800/- Pp with Deep and Ride timming it takes around 2-3 min time of Fly in Air.

5) What is Ride time Duration for Watersports in Tarkarli ?
Jetski Ride - 1 min / 1 Round
Banana Ride- 1 min / 1 Round
Sleeping Bumper - 1min / 1 Round
Sofa Bumper - 1 min / 1 Round
Kayaking - 5-10 min
Speed Boat Ride - 2 -3 min / 1 Round

Tarkarli Boating Service & Dolphin Ride in Tarkarli with Backwater Boating

1) What are Boating Charges in Tarkarli ?
Tarkarli Boat Rental Charge  Rs 2500 /- Boat Rental . Which occupies 6+2 seats. 

2) How much time it takes for Boating in Tarkarli?
Tarkarli Boat Ride Takes around 2 Hours to complete all Boating Points.

3)How many Boating Points are Covered in Tarkarli Boating Service?
Total 9 points are covered in Tarkarli Boating Service they are
Tarkarli Backwaters
Tsunami Island
Crocodile Point
Devbag Sangam
Bhogwe Beach
Golden Rock
Nivti Rock
Dolphin Point
Mobor Point

4) What is the best time to do Boating in Tarkarli?
Morning 8:00 am to 12:00 noon
Evening 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Best Tarkarli Beach Hotels and Resort
1) Which is the best Resort in Tarkarli ?

Resort Lacasa Devbag
Resort Windmill
Hotel Ocean Bliss
Hotel Avisa Nilla
These are some of the Best Resort in Tarkarli.

2) What are the Tarkarli Beach resort with Swimming Pool ?

There are only 4 properties in Tarkarli Hotels with Swimming Pool in Tarkarli
Hotel windmill
Resors@st Lacasa Devbag
Nerurkar's Blue heaven beach resort Tarkarli
Avisa Nilla Devbag

3) Which are the OYO Hotels in Tarkarli Malvan ?
Tarkarli best  hotels of OYO  listed below
OYO 40251 Konark Residency Malvan
OYO 39535 Pearl Regency Malvan
OYO 46347 Ratnasindhu Beach Resort
OYO 46287 Hotel Maharaja Executive Malvan
OYO 44290 Hotel Abhilasha Homestay

4) What  are Tarkarli Beach Hotel Rates ?
Hotel rates in Tarkarli depend on Off season and On Season . Varies from Rs 900 upto Rs 3500.with complimentary breakfast.

5) What are Tarkarli Beach Resort Rates ?
Tarkarli beach resort rates are slightly on higher side Good resort starts at Rs 3500 upto Rs 12000 with Complimentary Breakfast and Meals.

6) What are the Budget Hotels in Tarkarli ?
Budget hotels in Tarkarli are mostly Small cottages and Homestay . Price Ranges from Rs700 to Rs1500 .

7) Which is the 5 star hotel in Tarkarli ?
There are no 5 star Hotel in Tarkarli. But There is only one 5 star hotel in Sindhudurg  which is at Bhogwe Beach called Cocos Shambala Villa hotel Sindhudurg.
Luxury Villas in Sindhudurg

8) What is Thrillophilia Tarkarli 

AllAdventures under one roof at a Thrillophilia Tarkarli .Things to do in Tarkarli


9) Which are the Cheap Hotels near Tarkarli Beach with good Food Restaurants ?
There are Cheap hotels near Tarkarli Beach.
One need to visit Dandi Beach Malvan  there are some homestay which are cheaper almost start from Rs 500/- to Rs 1000/- which also serve with food of Local Homemade Malvani Cuisine .

Shopping in Tarkarli Malvan.
1) What are the things to do shopping in Tarkarli

Shopping in Tarkarli start from Malvan itself.
One needs to visit Malvan market for Shopping because Tarkarli doesn't have it's Market.
Best Things to Shop in Malvan
Malvani  Masalas from
Dewulkar's Masale Malvan
Cashew nuts from
Zantye Cashew
Narmada Cashew
Shri Hari Cashew
Awala Sarbat
Thali peeth, Kokam syrup, Mango pulp , Brown Rice ,
Malvani Fish Masala & Malvani Chicken Masala.

2) What are the Best Bakery items to shop in Malvan ?
Bakery sweet items from
Oraskar Bakery
Vijaya Bakery
Sapale Sweet Mart
Raghav Mithaiwale
Parkar Mithaiwale
Khatkhate Ladoos , Khaja , sutarpeni & Varki butter are some of the yummy Bakery sweets to shop.


What People Don't Know about Malvan Beach?

1) What is  Malvan Beach Famous for ?
Malvan Beach Famous for its
Historical   Sindhudurg fort
Called as Malvan Killa some people says as Tarkarli Fort.
Malvan Beach famous for its Malvani  Food Restaurants. Some of the Best Restaurant
Athiti Bamboo,Hotel Chaitanya Hotel Ruchira
Hotel Swami
Malvan Beach Famous for its Auction Wholesale Fish Market which is located at Dandi Beach.
Malvan Beach is Famous for its Safe & called it as a  Swimmer's Beach . It's completely Safe for Kids , Families & Friends even safer for Non Swimmer.
Malvan Beach is also famous and we'll known for its Coral Reef . The Biggest Coral Reef in West Coast of India.

2) Why Malvan Beach is called as a Future Marine Tourism Hub of Malvan Marine Biodiversity ?
Malvan Marine Sanctuary / Malvan Marine Park is the India's one of the Biggest Sanctioned Project for Marine Life Conservation & Tourism of Maharashtra. Where Marine Biologist &  Scientist Declared Malvan reef  have a Rich  Diverse Coral Species & Marine Life.

3) What are Malvan Beach Activities ?
Malvan Beach Activities has
Scuba diving in Malvan
Watersports in Malvan
Parasailing in Malvan
Sindhudurg fort Trip
Dolphin Spotting
island Trip
Deep Sea Boating
Angling & Game Fishing
Evening Boat Ride

4) Advantages of Malvan Activities ?
Reasonable & Package System which Include All Activities at Best Price Compared to any Beaches in Tarkarli Devbag.

5) What are the cost of Watersports Package in Malvan ?
Cost of Watersports in Malvan at Dandi Beach Watersports cost Rs 400/- for 5 Watersports Ride Parasailing at Rs 400/- Dolphin Spotting at Rs 300/- & Deep sea Island Trip at Rs 300/- Pp.

Malvan Beach Villas  & Wooden Cottages in Malvan.
1) Which are the Best Villas in Malvan ?
Malvan Villa Stay


2) What are the Cost / Rent of Malvan Villa ?

Malvan Villa Stay will cost u around 15k - 20k Depend on  Weekdays to Weekends & Long Holiday Weekend.with 4 Bed Rooms with Attached Toilet Washroom .

3) What are the Wooden Cottages at Malvan Beach
Rajmudra Beach Resort is one of the Best Wooden Cottages having 5 star reviews in food Ambience, & Hospitality.

Tondawli Beach
1) What is Tondawli Beach Famous for ?
Tondawli is one of the topmost Clean Beaches in Malvan . Tondawli is also called as a Talashil Beach . Tondawli is well known for its Underwater Sea World Project . It is famous for its Backwater Tourism.

2) What are the Places to visit in Tondawli ?
To visit Tondawli one needs to pick a Boat Ride from Revandi village.
Boat ride is for around 2 Hours which Complete a full Tondawli Backwater Ride
Shimpla point , Talashil Sangam , Bhadrakali Temple , Pankhol Juwa Island where people can Campfire & Barbeque . One needs to Hire Tents to Explore Tondawli Backwater Tourism.

3) How many Days are required to stay at Tondawli ?
One needs to Stay for a 2 Days to Explore Tondawli.

4) How can I get a Contact Number for Tondawli Backwater Tourism ?
Anyone can contact  Mr. Gaurav Malandkar a Local resident of Talashil . He is well known as an Angler of Tondawli. He can plan you with Adventure Ride of Tondawli , Stay at Tondawli Beach , Backwater Ride, He can also arrange  Angling & Game fishing at Kawda Island.
Contact Number +919404794726.

5) Which are the Best Beach Resort in Tondawli ?
Gaurav Beach Resort
Majestic Residency Tondawli
Saudagar Resort Kandalkar
Shimpla Beach Resort
Nityanand Pride beach Stay Tondawli

Chivala Beach
1) What is Chivala beach famous for ?
Chivala beach is famous for its Evening Sunset and panoramic view with Clean sand & Busy Tourist Spot.

2) What are the Best Homestay at Chivala beach ?
Some of the Best Homestay
Mayekar Holiday Home is one of the Best sea facing Holiday home in Chivala  having a great rating of 4.5 star with best Reviews

3) What are the Best Resort & Hotels at Chivala Beach ?
Zantye Hotel Chivala Beach is one of the Best hotel in Chivala.

Best Places to Visit in Malvan
Sindhudurg fort / Malvan Fort -
1) What is the Best time to visit Sindhudurg fort ?

Morning 9:00 to 12:00 noon and Evening 4:00 pm to 6:00pm is the best time to visit Sindhudurg.

2) What are the things to see in Sindhudurg fort ?
Sindhudurg Fort MajorAttractions are
Shivrajeshwar temple
Mahadev temple
Bhavani temple
Freshwater well
Queen's Beach
Tatbandi wall
Telni Buruj
Maharajas Footprint & Finger print

3) What are the Tourist Sightseeing Places to visit in Malvan ?
Ozar Cave & Brahmanand Swami Math
Jay Ganesh Temple Medha Malvan
Rajkot Fort

4) What is the Best Time to visit Rock Garden?
Best Time to Visit Rock Garden at Evening 5:00pm to 8:00 pm with Lightshow & Fountain Show is the major attraction .
Kids can spend their fun time at Children's Park
Padmagad Island Dandi Beach ( Depend on Ocean Tides)
Fish Auction Dandi ( Time - 5:00pm to 7:00 pm)
Devli Kumbharmath ( Near Govt Polytechnic)
Best Scenic View of Malvan fort.
Shivmudra Museum Medha Malvan.
Malvan Market.


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